Robin Robins is a marketing expert, sales trainer as well as an author who has dedicated her skills to the IT industry, although not limited to it. She has developed some of the best marketing strategies that are being employed by system integrators, VARs, IT consulting firms, solution providers and many MSPs.

Robins also stated in her corporate background that she prefers giving assistance to small IT companies such as solutions providers, which are in dire need of marketing strategies to help boost sales. Currently, her marketing system is being used by more than 2,800 IT business owners from more than 40 countries across the globe. Outside the IT industry, Robins’ marketing system has aided more than 3,900 organizations that include training schools, universities and more.

During the HP-Axcient cloud computing conference held in New York, over a hundred attendees was able to hear some of Robins’ marketing techniques. Several of them also signed up for her marketing boot camp, which also happens to fill up fast year after year.

Aside from other notable guest speakers, Robin Robins was present at a New York talk and discussed some marketing strategies, such as:

  • Creating an influx of new clients and sales generation with cloud computing.

  • Creating a marketing video to generate traffic and sales.

  • Distributing BDR solutions and creating a continuous stream of profit.

  • Achieving one’s biggest projects, goals and priorities.

Robins’ annual Boot Camp is not about get-rich-schemes. The point of this marketing learning camp is about hard work, perseverance and maintaining consistency.

Also, she emphasized that marketing is a big thing and can easily be overwhelming, but if a business owner can focus on one or two marketing tasks at any given time, the result will really be rewarding. So instead of doing nothing, focus on one thing and this will get the job done.

Robins then collaborated with Intronis, a marketing solutions company. They currently offer several marketing materials that can help a business grow. Downloadable marketing kit with templates can assist a business owner tackle one task at a time. These templates can provide the inspiration and assistance that a business owner needs in order to develop the business mindset. One can simply visit for further information.

Often times, consumers do not believe nor trust marketing activities and advertisement of businesses. They rely more on the feedback coming from referrals because many businesses have bad customer service, a lot of displeasures or dissatisfaction, and sloppy workmanship from vendors. Many consumers have more than bad experiences than good ones.

Robins then emphasized to business owners that in order to create and develop a strong marketing message, one needs to remember the reason why these consumers are upset and dissatisfied. With their bad experiences, the marketing messages of businesses were seen as ambiguous and more on a generic one, which seemed like a one-size-fits-all kind of message. Consumers are looking for businesses that can take care of them and not just a crap full of promises and guarantees, but in the end, gives nothing.

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